Valet- $5

Car wash- $3

Coat Check- $2 per item

Hotel porter- $3

Barista- $1-2

Housekeeping Staff- $5 per day

Barber- 20%

Nail tech- 20%

Personal trainer- $100 during holidays

Bartender- 20% on a large tab, or $2 bucks per drink

Personal assistant- Cash


Buy whatever you use frequently in large quantities. It will save you tons.

Eat dinner with your family. It will bring you closer together and you will appreciate it far more than anything in the future when everyone grows up.

Label the linen-closet shelves. And you'll never mix up the double and queen sheets again. Empty shelf space will remind you when it's time to do a load of laundry.

Organization is key. Stay organized and you'll hardly ever have to clean.

Bedside Table: "Your guests deserve beautiful things form your personal collections. It shouldn't be just any old thing from the five-and-ten store""Keep the latest magazines in drawers, but leave on drawer empty for your guests things""Everything should be no only pretty, but useful. A pincushion. A magnifying glass. A stash box. Buy no clutter"

What is your design mantra? There are no rules in design.If you are living in a house without books, you have nothing.Good design should be timeless. Buying pieces should be relevant and last you forever.

Arrange your pantry with the products you use most often in the front and with rarely used items in the back with labels

Choose signature colors and load up on wrapping paper and ribbon. People will pick out your present in the pile at the showers and remember your taste. 

Keep a drawer of Petty Cash. If something runs out, it can be replaced immediately. Ask the one who uses it (Husband, Housekeeper, Babysitter) to leave receipts.

Keep a stack of foreign currency in your safe. I always keep Euros, Pounds, and Won.

Home Bible.

List of all emergency papers, plus those for workmen, babysitters, etc.

Catalog of every major household job, which month to do it in.

Create a list of staples (food), organized by supplier, then make copies to stick on the fridge

Tea Parties host with proper china and start at 4pm

Wardrobe: We all know the standard wardrobe foundations, the perfect trench coat, white button down, grey cashmere sweater, black pencil skirt and dark wash denim, so I’d like to suggest the next layer to add, let’s call them the enhancements.