Firenze (Florence) is a medieval city that still has the charm of the renaissance. Firenze is divided down the middle of the city by the Arno River. The North of the river is more touristy, with the majority of the museums and monuments and the south of the river, "Oltrarno" is packed with artisan shops and local charm. Uber is non-existent in Firenze and Taxi's cannot be hailed on the streets, so you need to either queue in a taxi rank or call a taxi, but Firenze is an entirely walkable city. Many of the streets in Firenze have cobblestone, so you will want to leave your heels at home and bring comfortable walking shoes. I prefer to bring my Ked's white sneakers, a pair of wedges, and mules.

Cafe/ Espresso is a single shot, Doppio is a double shot, Americano is a long black. Gratuity is usually included at restaurants, but it's polite to leave an additional 5%