Paris is the city of love that stole my heart in 2013- 2014. It is filled with stunning 19th-century architecture designed by Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann between 1853 to 1870. Haussmann's Paris features wide boulevards, new parks, and a rather clever design that made the center of Paris lively, spacious, and safe. The design was created in order for Paris to withstand being invaded and to create a new feeling of urbanization into the city. Paris was once filled with medieval streets and convoluted passageways, which are still found in the Marais district today, which is one of the few parts of Paris that was largely untouched by Haussmann’s plans. Paris is divided into twenty districts known as "arrondissements" (commonly abbreviated to 16ème or 16e), which originate out of the central 1st. The Seine River divides the city into two major parts- the "Right Bank (Rive Droite)" being north and the "Left Bank (Rive Gauche)" being south. But Paris, with its modernization at the top of the 19th-century, is a city that has maintained its authentic charm throughout the years through art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. 

On Sundays, most shops and restaurants are closed since most people use it as a day of rest and to spend time with family and go to mass. The Marais (3ème and 4ème) is one of the few areas in Paris that is open, so it gets rather crowded on Sundays, but is a nice place to stroll around if you want to get out of the house. You can also utilize Sunday to do sports (running in the park, Bikram yoga, pilates), see a film at the theater, check out an exhibition at the Grand or Petite Palais, head to the local market to get fresh produce for the week, and stop by the boulangerie to grab your croissants and baguettes. 

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"Yves Saint Laurent admired her and wanted to represent her. Half-loony, smoking in public places like Catherine Deneuve. Wearing fifteen-centimeter heels and her Chanel bag as if it were free. Wearing shouldered jackets because, indeed, everything starts with the shoulders. Eating crab in brasseries without fretting over staining her Cèline blouse. Dropping everything if her heart says so. " - Loic Prigent "The Parisian," French Vogue, August 2012