Why City Guides?


For as long as I can remember, I have been keeping lists. The list that trumps all lists is my list of favorite spots worldwide. It takes up multiple tabs on my spreadsheet and extends over to the note section on my phone, screenshots saved to my camera roll, Pinterest boards, bookmarks, torn out magazine pages- I can go on and on. Over the years, my favorite spots have grown beyond what I can remember by memory, so I needed a better way of documenting.

I've always admired printed City Guides, but always felt overwhelmed when I would have to choose a restaurant with fifty options in front of me without a photo of the place. Over the years, there have been location-based apps that have come out and I once succumbed to "checking-in" on Foursquare as a way to never forget where I have been, then I had a short affair with documenting my locations on an application called Spot. I still wasn't satisfied with the way my favorite places were rolled into one area, so like everything else I do in life, I decided to create my own.

My City Guides dig deeper into the life of Coco Zaza and the things that I love most: from being able to show readers the life I live and why and how I choose to live it to understanding what places are essential to my approach to life. Throughout my blog, you should be able to grasp that I live life with great intention, energy, and respect for my sense of community, so it is only right that I share my favorite locales in so many of the cities that have given me so much joy. These guides are highly curated from all my years of travel and made for the clever and rather sophisticated traveler.

Do enjoy a deeper glimpse into my world.